Add a Headcount driver tab

The Headcount tab, available in financial budgets, allows you to budget employee-related costs, such as wages, commissions, and employee benefits. You can then use that information to drive expense accounts in the Main tab that are per-head dependent, such as travel costs, software licenses, and so on.

The Headcount tab is different from other tabs you can add to the workbook in that it requires an additional level of user access and is more complex to set up, as illustrated in the following diagram.


Do you need to add a new Headcount tab? If there’s already one in the workbook, save time by cloning that tab's setup and editing it to suit your new needs.

In the financial budget workbook, add the tab using one of these methods:

  • Click the Tab menu > Add tab > Headcount.

  • Click the Add button at the bottom of the workbook, enter a name for the tab, select the Headcount tab type, and click Add.   

Then, proceed to set up the Headcount driver tab.