Phocas release notes

This page has links to our product release notes pages, where you can find information on the new features, improvements and fixes included in the current release, and links to previous and older release notes.

Change in version numbering

From 20 September 2023, you’ll notice a change in the way Phocas versions are numbered. We're swtiching to a date-based version numbering system that is easier to understand. In a nutshell, it’s based on ‘Year/Month/Release Number’, which means you can easly see the month (and year) a version was released, and specific version number.

Phocas cloud customers automatically receive these changes.

Phocas on-premise users need to download these changes.

Version information

Current: Phocas 8.1+

Previous: 8.0+

Older versions

Customers using older versions of Phocas can contact our support team for technical support. 

Also see Documentation for older versions.


Vacuum-built databases are no longer supported. Users with these databases are encouraged to contact your account manager for more information about moving to a supported product.

Safari users

Safari users may need to clear their cache after each update.