Phocas Administration provides a range of administration tools to manage your organization’s Phocas site. You need the Administration permission to access the Administration module in the Phocas menu. As there are different levels of permission, you might not see all of the administration tools. 

Use the search box to quickly find what you’re looking for, click one of the key topics below, or browse the full list of pages in the menu on the left.

Users: Manage your user accounts and monitor their individual usage of Phocas.

Profiles: Manage the profiles you can assign to user accounts. Profiles contain specified user permissions and restrictions.

Folders: Manage the folders that can be assigned to user accounts. Folders are used for sharing favorites and dashboards.


Favorites: Manage all the favorites and their subscriptions.

Dashboards: Manage all the dashboards and their subscriptions.

Period types: Manage the defined periods (date ranges) in the Period menus in Phocas.

Working days: Manage the calendars that are used throughout Phocas.

Databases: Manage various aspects of your Phocas databases and access Designer, where you can modify and create databases.

Sync Sources: Manage your data sources.

Upload files: Upload CSV, XLXS, and other document file types to Phocas.

Site (advanced administration)

Configuration: Configure the settings for your site, including the date format, language, timezone, single sign-on capability, and password policy.

Logs: View system-wide activity and error logs.

Connectors / Integrations: Manage the links between Phocas and third-party applications.

Keep up with the latest changes. Read the Administration release notes.

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