Add and view cell comments

To help your team collaborate on budget and forecast values, explain something to another user or ask another user a question, you can add comments against individual cells in a worksheet. In addition to the text comment, you can add links to websites and documents in a cloud storage folder. For example, you might want to add documentary evidence to your cell data.

When you add a comment and/or a link, a purple triangle displays in the top-right corner of the cell, indicating to other users that there is a comment to view.

If you or other users export the workbook, the cell comments are included in the export.

All the changes you make to the cells in a worksheet tab are also recorded in the audit log.

  1. Right-click the cell and click Comments.

  2. Type your comment into the text box and/or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V to paste in a link you copied from elsewhere.

  3. Click Submit.

You can edit and delete any links that you add.

Either hover over the purple triangle to view an excerpt of the comment/link or click the triangle to view the full comment. Clicks the link to open it in a new browser tab.

To reply to a comment, click the purple triangle, then type your comment and click Submit.

The workflow comments feature is another way of communicating with the users contributing to the budget. or forecast.