View workflow comments

When you assign, submit or reject a task in the workflow, you can include a comment. You might want to explain what you want the user to do or know, or ask the user a question.

When you do so, a comment button displays in the Workflow column, indicating to the user that there is a comment for their attention.

  • Comments added to assigned and submitted rows display in purple color.

  • Comments added to rejected rows display in grey color.

Other users can also see these comments, although the comment button always displays in a grey color, to indicate the comments are not for their attention.

Regardless of the color of the comment button, you can hover over it to view the comment (or the latest comment, if there is a chain of comments).

In the example below, Bill submitted a task to Charlie but Charlie rejected it and assigned it back to Bill, along with a comment.

When Bill resubmitted the task to Charlie, he included a comment of his own.

If you click the comment, the workflow history displays.

When a workflow task is accepted after being submitted, the comments button no longer displays in the Workflow column, however, you can still view the comments via the workflow history.

You can also add comments against an individual cell in the worksheet.
All changes you make to the cells and rows in a worksheet are also recorded in the audit log.