Favorites (administration)

If you have the Administration > Favorites permission, you can manage all the favorites in your organization’s Phocas site.

Click Administration > Favorites. The Favorites page displays a list of all your favorites, including those you saved and those that were saved by other users. You can see details such as the database and folder in which the favorite was saved, and the user who saved it (owner). You can also see the last time the favorite was opened, which is useful when deciding if it can be deleted. You can filter the list by DatabaseFolder or Owner, or search for a specific favorite.

Share a favorite

On the Favorites page, select the row of the favorite > click Share > select the required sharing options > click Save.

For more information on sharing favorites in general, see Share a favorite. For information on managing an individual user's favorites, see the user maintenance form > Favorites tab

Delete a favorite 

You can permanently a favorite if it is no longer required. This action cannot be undone. You can delete multiple favorites at the same time (left-click and drag to select the required rows).

On the Favorites page, select the row of the favorite > click Delete > Yes.

Allow users to share favorites

You can determine whether users can share favorites. See Allow users to share dashboards and favorites.

Manage subscriptions (to favorites and dashboards)