Get more options for viewing data

The top right bar above the grid contains additional tools you can use to further customize your view of the data in the grid or chart.

The table below summarizes the options as they display in the toolbar from left to right.

Conditional formatting - Apply a color code to cells, based on rules that you create.

Grid - View the grid (when you are in a Chart view).

Chart - View your data in a chart or graph.

Nest - Add a level to the grid (nested view)

Options - Display a list of options available for the selected mode and settings:

  • Month to Date - When selected, allows you to compare data for the current month with the corresponding number of days in a comparison (previous year) month.

  • Show Others - When selected in a focused grid, adds a new row at the top of the grid (below the TOTAL row) that displays the total of the unfocused rows.

  • Show Sum - When selected, adds a new row at the top of the grid (below the TOTAL row) to show the sum of the data in each column.  

  • Show Average - When selected, adds a new row at the top of the grid (below the TOTAL row) to show the average of the data in each column.  

  • Hide Total - By default, the Total row displays the sum for each of column in the grid. If you have permission, you can select this checkbox to hide that column from the grid.

  • Show Net Zero - By default, this feature is usually turned on but some databases have it turned off.

    • When turned on (checkbox selected), it means your sales results would typically include items that have had counter-balancing positive and negative entries (e.g., a refund) and therefore, net to zero. An example of this is the value for a customer who has an invoice for 100.00 in January and a credit note in February for -100.00.

    • You can turn this off (clear the checkbox) to exclude the net zero entries and display only items where the measures have a value other than zero. This excludes things such as refunds or giveaways.

  • Totals as Average - When selected, displays the period total as an average, rather than a sum of the periods. 

  • Hide Status - When selected, the status bar above the grid (that shows the applied filters) does not display.

  • Hide Dimensions - When selected, the dimensions list on the left of the grid does not display. Useful when you want to generate more space on your screen.

  • Monochrome Exports - When selected, all exports (including printouts) are done without including the standard colors, in other words, in black only.

Lock Selections - Lock the selection of data you are focusing on, so you can make further selections and clear or reset the data without affecting the original selections.

Custom Actions - Display a list of custom actions relating to the CRM module.

Export - Export the data in the grid (or chart) to another application.

Information - Display the Information window, where you can view your current selections and settings.