Rebates release notes

Find out what's new and changed in each version of Rebates. This page lists all the releases in the last year, with the most recent release items at the top.

May 21, 2024 (Version 24.5.3)

  • You can now calculate a rebate for a period of a year across calendar years. Previously, the calculation could only be performed within the calendar year, even if the cumulative year spanned across two calendar years.
    In the rule setup, when Amounts per = Year, instead of limiting calculations to within one calendar year (01 January to 31 December), the validation now limits the calculations to within one cumulative year, where a year starts from the That occur from date in a cumulative year. The cumulative total calculation will reset to zero at the start of the next cumulative period.

  • We fixed an issue with the Transaction Range = Custom setting on the rule schedule that occurred when you switched between a fixed and offset date range. The scheduled calculations now produce the expected results.

April 11, 2024

We redesigned the Brackets section of the rule setup screen to make it quicker to edit bracket parameters and add and remove brackets. We also added some validations, so you will receive messages helping you to correct any errors and prevent issues later.

April 9, 2024 (Version 24.3.7)

We made the following small changes in the Rule setup window:

  • We removed the blue borders that were displayed around some settings with dropdown lists. Blue borders should only display when you hover over or open such a list.

  • We removed the red borders that were displayed around some inactive settings. Red borders signify an error state, but this is not applicable in inactive settings.

  • In the Results tab when unposted results are displayed:

    • We removed the checkboxes from the grid. The checkboxes were redundant because you can must post or delete all unposted transactions at the same time; you can’t select individual rows to post or delete.

    • You can now select cells in the grid and see the average, count, and sum displayed underneath. You can also copy these values and paste them elsewhere.

February 26, 2024 (Version 24.2.1)

We made the following small changes:

  • Zero rows, which are result rows that contain zero (0.00) values, will now display in the Results tab of the project, highlighted in green. While you can click these rows to open the rule setup screen, there’ll be no results to view.

  • We resolved an issue with the rule validity date picker in the rule setup screen. The date was not displaying in the user’s desired format. The date picker now uses the user’s Language setting to determine their location and therefore, the applicable date format to use. We also changed the example dates to make the selected date more clear. For example, either 15/01/2024 (day/month/year) or 01/15/2024 (month/day/year).

February 7, 2024 (Version 24.1.3)

We made some enhancements to the rule setup screen:

  • In the Comments section, we introduced a maximum character limit to comments, so you can no longer post comments that have more than 1,000 characters. We also improved the messages that display when comment validation errors occur.

  • We updated the View Matching Transactions functionality to honor the Based on dimension setting, even when no specific entities have been excluded or included.

January 8, 2024 (Version 23.12.2)

  • We added checkboxes to the Rebates grids to make them more consistent with the grids in other modules and make it easier for you to select individual rows, and quickly select or deselect all rows. The screenshots in the user documentation will be updated progressively over time.

  • We made the following design changes to the homepage to reduce the need to scroll horizontally across the page:

    • The Last Calculated and Calculation Status columns are combined into one column called Last Calculated, in which colored dots represent the status of the build.

    • The Modified By and Modified On columns are combined into one column called Last Modified.

    • The Scheduled column used to show text but now shows a check mark or X mark instead.

  • We made changes to the process of viewing the results for a project, to better reflect your expected outcome and improve your user experience:

    • On the Results tab of a project, you can filter the list to view either posted or unposted results. If you select the Posted filter option, and then click a rule link to view the results, the rule setup screen now displays the posted results, as expected. Previously, the unposted results were displayed. Similarly, if you open a rule from the unposted results list, the rule setup screen displays the unposted results.

    • Continuing with the process above, now when you close the rule setup screen, you return to the Results tab from which you started, as expected. Previously, you landed on the Rules tab.

  • We added validation to the New Project window to prevent you from creating a project that has the same name as an existing project.

  • We implemented new technology that displays the options in dropdown lists faster.

December 6, 2023 (Version 23.11.2)

We fixed a SQL conversion error that occurred when running a calculation.

November 20, 2023 (version 23.11.1)

We made a change in Phocas Designer (typically available to administrators only) to prevent you from deleting any columns that are used in Rebates projects or rules, to avoid calculation failures. Now if you try to delete such a column, an error message will display, explaining which design elements are being referenced by Rebates.

November 7, 2023 (version 23.10.2)

In the rule setup, we continue with the incremental release of our new user-friendly designs:

  • We updated the design of the Categorization section.

  • We made two changes to the Description setting:

    • We moved the rule Description setting from the Name & Scope section down into the Categorization section. As the description is not required for the rule calculation, it does not need to be in such a prominent position.

    • Brief descriptions are now automatically generated for you, based on selections you make in the Based on, Include and Exclude sections. You can overwrite these descriptions as required.

October 23, 2023 (version 23.10.1)

  • We continue with the incremental release of our new user-friendly designs for the Rebates setup screens:

    • In the rule setup, we moved the settings in the Based On section up into the Name and Scope section.

    • In the project setup, we added a heading (General) to the first batch of settings.

  • When a database element that is mapped to either a project or rule is removed from the database, it causes Rebate calculations to fail. We made some changes to how we deal with such an event - you are now notified earlier and supplied with a clear message of the name and type of missing elements.

October 9, 2023 (version 23.9.2)

New and enhanced features

  • Rebates homepage - Now when you click Rebates in the Phocas menu, the Projects page opens automatically, acting as a homepage to let you get started with your rebates more quickly.

  • Seasonal calendar enhancement - We continue with the implementation of new user-friendly design and this time it’s the Seasonality Calendar setup screen. The functionality is the same but we gave this screen a fresh new look and moved some things around. Most notably, the total is more clearly visible, below the grid.

Resolved issues and small changes

  • We fixed a calculation error that occurred when columns in the database had either Unposted or Posted in their name.

  • We changed the error message Cannot calculate. '{columnName}' no longer exists in phocas source db to be more descriptive and helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

  • We fixed an issue whereby manual calculations provided different result sets than scheduled calculations.

  • We fixed an error that occurred during the transaction download process when the project name contained special characters.

  • We fixed an issue with the sort order in projects - your order selection now persists across sessions.

September 2023 - New side menu in Phocas

September 6, 2023 (version 8.1.32)

New and enhanced features

We have been busy developing new features and enhancements, so we have nothing new to release this time.

Resolved issues and small changes

  • We made several back-end changes in preparation for a change to the That occur from (validity period) setting in the rule setup screen (coming soon).

  • We added some functionality to the Calculate screen - when you click the Calculate button to run the calculation, the settings now become disabled and a spinner displays instead of a snack bar.

  • When you sign out of Phocas from any Rebates page, the standard Phocas sign-in page now displays rather than a Rebates-specific sign-in page.

  • We fixed the validation in the rule setup screen to ensure that the calculation period cannot span multiple years if the Amounts Per is set to Year.

  • We fixed an issue whereby you could save non-unique rule names by adding a space at the end of a name. This is no longer possible, as rule names must be unique.

August 21, 2023 (version 8.1.31)

Enhanced feature

Rule setup screen - We redesigned the Name & Scope section and reorganized the elements to make it more concise. In particular, we:

  • Removed the Details and Validation Period subheadings.

  • Moved the Groups setting down to the Categorization section.

Resolved issues and small changes

  • In the rule setup screen:

    • You can now select all entities at once using the new checkbox above the list of entities.

    • We fixed an issue whereby only 100 entities were displayed in the list for a selected dimension. All entities for the selected dimensions now display as expected.

    • We improved the way in which the entities are loaded into the list - as you scroll down through the list, you’ll see the entities display in a quicker, smoother manner.

  • In the Schedule screen, we added an error message that displays if you select a date range that is longer than year, as rebate calculations can only span 12 months. Previously, you did not get an error message and could save the schedule, resulting in failed calculation attempts.

August 7, 2023 (version 8.1.30)

New features and enhanced features

We have been busy developing new features and enhancements, so we have nothing new to release this time.

Resolved issues and small changes

  • We resolved an issue whereby the rebates calculation process generated orphaned rows, and results did not display for child rules when IDs were misaligned.

  • We resolved an issue occurring when the bracket basis measure and calculation type measures were different, and the next bracket was displayed incorrectly.

  • We made some changes to ensure that an inactive rule cannot be made active.

Coming soon

  • We continue with the incremental release of our new user-friendly design for the Rebates rule creation and editing process. In this release, we redesigned the brackets section of the rule setup screen.

  • New homepage.

July 17, 2023 (version 8.1.29)

Enhanced features

  • Rule end date - Now when you edit multiple rules in bulk, you have the option to specify that the rules are applicable indefinitely, making it explicit that the rules do not have an end date. In the Valid To dropdown list, select the None option.

  • Copy and paste keyboard shortcuts - In the rule setup screen, you can now use the standard keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+C to copy an item and then use Ctrl+V to paste that item into another location. This is handy, for example, when you want to copy and paste rule names.

Resolved issues and small changes

  • In the rule setup, we made some changes to the Based On, Include and Exclude settings to make their relationships more intuitive. Now when you select a dimension, if you want to add an item in the Include setting, the dimension is not unavailable for selection in the list that displays. Similarly, if you include an item, then want to add an item in the Exclude setting, the item you included is not available for selection.

  • We fixed an issue that occurred when a calculation was run for rule with a Growth calculation type. The validation for Absolute calculation types was incorrectly applied and therefore, an error displayed. The calculation now works as expected.

  • We added more validations to rule brackets in the backend to ensure rules are validated correctly in all contexts.

June 19, 2023 (version 8.1.28)

Enhanced features

  • Rule enhancements - We continue with the incremental release of our new user-friendly design for the Rebates rule creation and editing process. In this release, we introduce two changes:

    • Active setting - We changed the Active setting from a dropdown list to a checkbox, and moved it from the Name & Scope section to the bottom bar. This change is the first step towards the new design that will allow the creation of draft rules.

    • Browser tab title - We set browser tab title to display the rule name when the Edit rule window is open.

  • Calculation improvements - We made improvements to the calculation functionality to enhance your user experience in the following situations:

    • When you run a bulk calculation for multiple rules on the Project page, once the Calculate window closes, you can go to the Rule tab and open any of the rules while the calculation is running. Whether or not you can edit the rule depends on if it is being calculated.

    • When you run a calculation for a single rule from the Project page, the rule setup screen opens straight away and the calculation results display once the calculation is complete.

Resolved issues and small changes

We made some backend changes to lessen the load time and improve the user experience in the the create and edit rule processes.

May 22, 2023 (version 8.1.27)

New and enhanced features

  • Bulk rule creation - We are delighted to announce that you can now create rules simultaneously. This feature will save you hours of data-entry time, as you no longer need to clone and edit rules one at a time. You can create hundreds of rules in a matter of minutes! The bulk rule creation process is very straight forward, simply select the new Multiple rules… option at the top of the rule setup screen, select the dimension and entities to which the rule applies, then set up the rule in the usual way. To make the rule creation even faster, you can use the new template feature described below.

  • Rule templates - You can now create rules based on a template (existing rule) that has predefined settings. Templates are handy when you have a rule structure that is applicable in many circumstances, such as one with specific validity dates and bracket conditions. You set up the rule first, then it is available for selection when you are creating subsequent rules. You can set up many different templates to meet your business needs. As mentioned above, if you have multiple similar rules to create, you can use templates along with the bulk rule creation process to create those rules in a fraction of the time - minutes, rather than hours. Simply select the template, make any necessary tweaks to the settings and save the new ‘rule’. Multiple rules are instantly created, all with the same setup but each with a different name.

  • Rule validation period enhancement - We redesigned the Validation Period setting in the rule setup, which defines the date range of transactions that are eligible for the rebate. Now you can clearly specify if the rule is applicable indefinitely or valid until a particular end date. The new design makes it explicit that the rule does or does not have an end date, removing any doubt. Previously, to enable a rule to be applicable indefinitely, you would leave the Valid To date blank, in other words, the leave the rule with no end date. However, it was not clear if you did this intentionally or if you simply forget to set an end date. The new design has a different layout at the moment and does not quite match the other settings. This is the first in a series of design changes to the rule setup screen. Watch out for other enhancements in future releases.

  • Rule validation - We improved the validation logic in the rule setup screen. Previously, your rule setup was validated and error messages displayed after you clicked Save. Now your work is checked as you are setting up the rule and information messages display at the bottom of the screen. Having this information at hand while you are creating the rule will help you resolve any issues there and then, and ultimately complete the rule setup process faster.

Resolved issues and small changes

We resolved several issues.

April 17, 2023 (version 8.1.26)

Enhanced feature

Quicker calculations - We enhanced the way calculations are processed, to save you time and give you a better user experience.

Resolved issues and small changes

We resolved several issues.

March 20, 2023 (version 8.1.25)

New feature

Bulk rule updates - You can now make changes to multiple rules at the same time. This feature will save you a lot of time, particularly when you want to roll over into a new fiscal year or deactivate a project. It is also handy when you clone a project but want to make a change to all the rules. Select the rules you want to update, click Edit and make your changes. You can select a different valid from/to date, add or delete groups and set the rules as active/inactive. Click Change to apply your changes to all the selected rules.

Resolved issues and small changes

We resolved several issues.

February 20, 2023 (version 8.1.24)

New and enhanced features

  • Rule enhancements - We are delighted to release the first phase of the new user-friendly design for the Rebates rule creation and editing process. We have put a lot of thought and preparation into the new version of the user interface (UI), to enable you to create and edit rules more easily and efficiently. Now when you go to create or edit a rule, a new window opens over the rules list, rather than in a new page. When you close that window, you are right back on the rules list, allowing you to quickly move on to the next rule. The rule window contains all the settings you are familiar with, however, we changed some of the terminology, to make it clearer what each one does. We also introduced an ‘accordion’ layout for the rule sections, to make it easier for you to move between the settings. We are taking an incremental approach to the new UI, so bear with us and watch out for exciting changes in future releases.

  • Ability to select and copy data - You can now select multiple items or cells in a Rebates grid, such as a list of rules or group of calculations and their values. You can then copy that data or view key information based on that data.

    • Copy data - Select the data, then right-click > Copy or press Ctrl+C. You can then paste the copied data into another place, such as a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

    • View the Average, Count and Sum - When you select data, the Average, Count and Sum calculations (where applicable) are automatically performed for you, the results of which display in a status bar at the bottom of the grid. This enhancement allows us to keep in-line with our other modules, where this feature is currently available.

  • Comments enhancement - You can now delete comments that you added against rules, which is useful if you have many old or redundant comments that you no longer want to see. Click the Delete link below the comment. Coming soon is the ability to edit your own comments, a handy option in the case of spelling errors.

  • Transaction view - The ability to view transaction details was available in the old layout of Rebates but not the new. Following your feedback, we implemented the feature in the new Rebates layout. Now when you click a transaction in the Results tab, the Posted Transaction Details window displays with a list of transactions relating to that rebate.

Resolved issues and small changes

  • In the Amounts Per setting in brackets, we renamed the Month option to For the calculation period. The new name better reflects how the calculation works.

January 16, 2023 (version 8.1.23)

New feature

Better flow between the grid and rules - We are excited to announce the release of a new feature that was recently requested by a customer. Previously in Rebates, if you were on a certain page in the rules grid, such as page 3, and clicked on a rule, when you closed that rule you would return to the first page in the grid. Now when you complete the same action, Rebates remembers the page you were on. This small change saves you time and helps you to keep on track with your work.

Resolved issues and small changes

We resolved several issues.

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