Financial Statements permissions

There are two Financial Statements permissions that are available when the Financial Statements module has been enabled for your Phocas site. Typically, these permissions would be requested by someone in your Finance team.

  • Manage Custom Statements - Make changes to the financial statements, such as create new statements and customize the layout and content of statements.

  • Access Restricted Account Transactions - Access accounts that have been restricted.

    • It is common for finance teams to restrict access to accounts that have sensitive information (such as payroll) within financial statements, so users can see the total amount but not drill into transactional detail.

    • Users with permission to manage custom statements (above) can restrict other users from accessing specific accounts. Administrators can override this restriction, to allow one or more users to access the restricted accounts.

On the user’s maintenance form > Profile tab, either assign a profile that contains these permissions or go to the Financial Statements section (near the bottom of the screen) and select one or both of the permission checkboxes. Then click Save.

Other factors impact a user’s ability to access and use the Financial Statements module, see Overview of access to financial statements.

In particular, users need database permissions to access the data that forms the baseline of the statements.