Use layouts

Layouts are different configurations of a budget or forecast worksheet. A layout can include dimension filters, search results and/or the status of the workflow column (whether it is expanded, collapsed or partially expanded).

You can configure and save multiple layouts for each worksheet, to get different views of the same budget or forecast. You can share your layouts with other users to apply when they open the worksheet.

For example, suppose your business operates in three countries (Australia, the USA and the UK) and you have one budget workbook with data for all three countries. You can apply a filter to view the budget for Australia only and save that view as a layout. You can then repeat that step to save layouts for each of the other two countries, to create four layouts in total; the original consolidated budget and one for each country.

Save a layout

  1. Set up (configure) the worksheet in a particular way. For example, you might want to apply a filter, search for a specific item and/or expand the workflow column.

  2. Click Layout None > Save as new custom layout… above the grid.

  3. Enter a name for the layout.

  4. Determine who can use the layout. Learn more about sharing layouts in the next section.

  5. Click Save.

Share a layout

You can share a layout with one or more other users when you first save a layout or later, via the layout’s Share button. You have three sharing options:

  • Only me - Do not share your layout with anyone; keep it for your personal use only.

  • Everyone - Share your layout with all users who have access to the worksheet.

  • Selected users - Share your layout with a subset of the users who have access to the worksheet. When you select this option, you can select one or more Budgets and Forecasts users from the list that displays.

Layouts work alongside your organization’s workflow practice and workbook access, as the sharing of layouts works differently, depending on your user level:

  • Budget contributors - When you share a layout with a user, that user will only have access to the layout after they have been assigned a row in the worksheet’s workflow.

  • Budget owners and administrators - When you share a layout with a user, you give that user view-only access to the budget or forecast workbook. That user can later be assigned a row in the workflow as usual.

In the following example, the budget administrator created four layouts for a worksheet and only shared one of them with Bill Branchmanager. He assigned Bill some rows in the worksheet. When Bill opens the worksheet, he sees the shared layout in his Layouts menu. He can apply that shared layout but cannot edit or delete it. He can also create his own layouts.

Apply a layout

The Layouts menu displays a list of all the layouts you saved and any that have been shared with you. You can switch between different layouts to quickly change your view of the worksheet.

Click the Layouts menu and select the layout you want to apply.

Edit a layout

You can edit the name, sharing settings and configuration of any layouts that you create. Your changes flow through to any users you have shared the layout with. You cannot edit a layout that has been shared with you. All of the editing options are available in the Layouts menu.

  • To edit the layout’s name or sharing settings, click its Share button, make your changes, then click Save.

  • To intentionally edit the layout’s configuration, click the Edit button before the layout name, make your changes, then click the Save button that displays after the layout name.

  • If you unintentionally make a change to a layout’s configuration, you can either save your changes as a new custom layout (and leave the original intact) or revert to the default layout (discard all changes).

Delete a layout

When you delete one of your layouts, it is instantly removed from the list of layouts and no longer available for other users to apply (if it had been shared).

Click the Layouts menu, then click the Delete button next to the layout.