Getting started with Rebates

The management and analysis of your rebates is a linear process that crosses three areas of Phocas, as outlined in the following diagram. When the underlying databases are set up in the Phocas platform, use the Rebates module to manage and calculate the rebates based on the data in those databases. You and other users can then analyze the output in the Phocas Analytics module.


To get started, click Rebates in the Phocas menu. This takes you to the Rebates homepage, where you can start the process by creating a project.

If the Rebates item in your Phocas menu is dimmed and the homepage does not open, it means you either do not have access to Rebates, in which case you should contact your administrator, or your organization does not use the Rebates module.

Any database restrictions applied in Phocas also apply to Rebates.


Use the Phocas Rebates Resource Center. After you open a Rebates page, click the Resource Center button near the bottom of the Phocas menu on the left to access this user documentation, video tutorials, and other helpful links.