Focus on data

The Focus tool displays a subset of your data in the grid. After you select one or more rows of data, you can use the Focus tool to isolate those selected rows from the rest of the dataset. You can then take your analysis further, concentrating on those specific rows of data.

Select the row(s) you want to focus on, then click the Focus button.

The grid updates to display only your selected rows. Any totals or averages that display in the updated grid now relate only to the selected rows of data. The status bar above the grid identifies the selected data. The number of rows you have focused on displays in brackets on the corresponding dimension (which displays in blue).

To undo the focus action and revert to the full list of rows in the grid:

  1. (Optional) Click the Select button in the top-left corner of the grid to retain your row selections when you revert to the full list of rows*.

  2. Click the X on the corresponding dimension button.

*Your selections might not always display on the screen; they might be listed on another page of the grid. You can move through the pages to find them.