Get started with Budgets and Forecasts

Is your organization new to Phocas Budgets and Forecasts? This page is for you!

The information below is summarized into three key steps, which apply to different users, so jump straight to the section that applies to you.

1. Phocas administrators, enable your team to get started

Are you in charge of your organization’s Phocas access and security permissions? If so, you need to enable your Phocas users to access the Budgets and Forecasts module and determine who will be responsible for managing budgets.

Security is controlled within the Administration> Users > Profile tab. There are two check boxes as shown below.

Also see Give users permission to manage Budgets and Forecasts.

Users with a Viewer license can be granted access to Budgets and Forecasts module (first checkbox above) but they CANNOT be given access to manage budgets and forecasts (second checkbox above), which means that they cannot create their own workbooks or be made an owner of a workbook.

Even with the above permissions, the data users can see and access within the Budgets and Forecasts module is controlled by database restrictions. For example, if a user is set to only see Division A in the Financial Statements database, they will only be able to see and access data for Division A in the Budgets and Forecasts module. For more examples and information, see Overview of access to budget workbooks.

2. Budget owners, create a budget workbook

Are you responsible for creating budgets for your organization? Do you have the Manage Budgets & Forecasts permission? If so, you can be a budget owner, which means you can start the budgeting process by creating your first budget workbook:

In the Phocas menu, click Budgets & Forecasts to open the homepage, then click the Create new budget button in the top-right corner. The workbook setup window will open.

3. Budget contributors, start budgeting!

Are you going to be adding data to the budget workbook? If so, you are known as a budget contributor. It’s time to get prepared - read the following pages to get a base understanding of the Budget and Forecasting module and how to perform your part in the budget workflow: