View and restore the cell history

When users edit the values in a worksheet, their actions are recorded in the cell history. All workbook users can view the history of any cell, at any time. If the cell is in a row to which you are assigned, you can restore any of the historical cell entries.

The ability to view this audit trail in the worksheet is useful for all budget contributors but particularly important to budget owners. It might be as simple as finding a value that was entered in error and wanting to go back to see the original amount, or something more significant, such as investigating the cause of an anomaly.

Right-click a cell and click Cell History. The Cell History window displays the following items for each cell entry:

  • The time when the change was made.

  • The initials of the user who made the change.

  • The value that was entered into the cell and an fx indicator, if it was calculated by a formula.

  • A Restore entry button (if you are assigned to that row).


You can also view the workflow history.

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