Edit values in a worksheet

As a budget contributor, you are responsible for completing your assigned workflow tasks by entering and editing the values in a worksheet.

When you open a budget and forecast workbook, you will see the Main worksheet tab, along with any driver worksheet tabs the budget owner or administrator adds to the workbook. The grid within those worksheets will look familiar if you have used spreadsheets before, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Typically, the budget or forecast worksheet is automatically populated with values from a stream of data, such as last year’s actuals, as a starting point that you can then adjust to suit your needs. However, some worksheets are populated with zeros, so you need to enter values from scratch.

What you can edit

Completing a budget or forecast is a collaborative process but the workflow ensures only one user can enter or edit values in a row at any given time. Color coding to make this collaboration easier.


For example, in the above image, the user Sam is assigned to two rows in the worksheet.

  • Yellow rows are editable. In the Sales (Online) and Sales Intercompany rows, Sam can enter new values, edit existing values, add formulas, and so on.

  • White rows aren't editable (read-only). A row might be unavailable for editing because:

    • It is being driven by another tab, such as the Sales (Retail) row. The values can be edited on the corresponding driver tab by whoever is responsible for that row. is being driven.

    • It has been marked as complete or assigned to another user in the workflow. The Sales accruals row is assigned to Bill, so it is white for Sam (it will be yellow for Bill).

    • If it is a sum row or total row, such as the Total AUS Australia row. In this type of row, the values are automatically calculated, based on the rows above or below it.

  • Edited values are blue. When you edit a value in a cell, the value turns blue, so you can easily differentiate it from the unedited values in black. Your action is also recorded in the cell history.

How to edit values

You manually enter or edit values using your keyboard, either directly in a cell or in the fx (formula) bar at the top of the grid when the cell is selected.

Several features enable you to complete your tasks more efficiently. You can access these features in both the Cell menu and when you right-click a cell.