View a summary of the data

As described by its name, Summary view displays a summarized view of your data. This might be a summary of all the data in the underlying database or a summary of a selection of that data, depending on where you are in your analysis.

When you are in Summary view, the Summary button (above the list of dimensions) is blue.

What you can see and do in summary view depends on whether you have selected any dimensions.

View a summary of the database (no dimensions selected)

When you first open Analytics, you are in Summary view by default. As no dimensions are selected at this stage, the grid displays a summary of the whole database, which typically includes data for the current and previous time periods, along with cumulative data.

In this summary context, some functions are unavailable or have limited options. You can change your view of the data in the grid to some extent, for example, you can select a different mode or period.

View a summary of selected data

When you select a dimension, you filter the data in the grid and therefore, you are no longer in Summary view. The Summary button is grey.

As you conduct your analysis, you might want to return to the Summary view, to get a more concise view of your selected data. For example, suppose you are focusing on some rows within the Customer dimension and want a high-level overview of those selected customers.

Click the grey Summary button. The grid displays a high-level overview of the selected rows (not the entire database). The header above the grid identifies the data that is being summarized.

In this context of the Summary view, the full range of functions are available.

It is particularly useful to return to Summary view when you are creating certain charts (such as line chart), as they display better when they have less detail.

Return to the database summary (no dimensions selected)

During your analysis, to return to the original summary view of the database, click the Reset button.