Manage campaigns

Permission required: Create Campaign.

A campaign is a series of independent activities across multiple accounts, contacts and leads that are linked in CRM, often as part of a marketing effort. An example of a campaign is a new product launch, which could contain activities such as emails, phone calls and meetings relating to the launch. 

When you add an activity (business note, task, phone log or meeting), you have the option of assigning it to a campaign.  

View a list of all campaigns

Click the Phocas menu button > Campaign.

The Campaigns screen displays a list of all the campaigns you have permission to view. You can view, edit and delete individual campaigns from here. 

Find a campaign

On the Campaigns screen, you can find a particular campaign using the filter and search options above the grid or by sorting the list.

  • Use the Owner filter to display only your campaigns or campaigns that belong to another user (that you have permissions to view).

  • Use the Team filter to display campaigns allocated to a specific team to which you belong.

  • Use the Search box to search for a specific campaign by name. This performs an is like search on the name column.

  • Click a column heading to sort data into ascending or descending order. 

Filters remain active until you turn them off, so if you apply a filter and move away from the screen and then return, the filter will remain. To clear any filter you have applied, select All from the dropdown list. 

Learn more about filtering and searching in CRM.

Add a campaign  

  1. On the Campaigns screen, click New.

  2. Type a name for the campaign and, if you are not the owner, assign an owner from the drop down menu. 

  3. Click Save. If successful a new tab displays, allowing you to add activities to the campaign. You can come back to this tab later.

  4. Click Close.

Add activities to a campaign

You have the option to assign all activities (business note, phone log, meeting and task) to a campaign.

  1. Open the activity or create a new activity.

  2. From the Campaign dropdown list, select the campaign to which you want to assign the activity. Only campaigns you have permissions to view display in the list.

  3. Click Save > Close.

View or edit a campaign

  1. On the Campaigns screen, click the campaign name (blue link) to open the campaign record.

  2. On the campaign record:

    • Campaign tab - View and edit the campaign name or assign the campaign to another owner (CRM user).

    • Activities tab - View and edit the activities assigned to the campaign, or delete (remove) activities from the campaign.  

  3. Click Save > Close.

You can also open campaigns from the Activities screen (or anywhere the campaign name appears in blue as an active link).