View and edit activities

Activities can be logged against accounts, contacts and leads.

Learn about the activity types

There are four types of activities you can add to an account, contact and lead.

Another type of activity, Personal Appointment, can only be viewed by you (person who created them). They are not connected to the rest of CRM and only display in your own view of the Activities and My Agenda screens.

View a list of all activities

Click the Phocas menu button > Activities.

The Activities screen displays a list of what is going on across all your accounts, contacts and leads - the recent activity and what needs to be done, by whom and by when. 

You can also view activities for directly within account and contact records, on the Activities tab.

On the Activities screen, by default, the activities are listed aby date and the activity grid has the following columns:

  • Subject - Displays the subject of the activity, such as a task, meeting, phone log or business note.

  • Parent - Displays the name of the account, contact or lead, as applicable, to which the activity relates.

  • Status - Is only available for meetings and tasks; will be blank for business notes and phone logs (can be customized by administrators).

  • Campaign - Displays the campaign each activity is tied to.

  • Date - Displays the most relevant date for each activity:

  • Phone Log - The date of the phone log. 

    • Business Note - The date the note was entered into CRM. 

    • Meeting - The start date of the meeting. 

    • Task - When the task is due, i.e. the end date of the task.

  • Owner -  Displays either the CRM user who entered the activity or the CRM user to whom the activity was assigned.

Find an activity

On the Activities screen, you can find a particular activity using the filter and search options above the grid or by sorting the list.

  • Use the Date filter to view activities for future or past dates, or the present (today, this week, this month). In CRM, a week starts on Sunday. By default, activities are filtered on This Week.

  • Use the Type filter to view activities for a specific activity type, such as Meetings.

  • Use the Status filter to view activities with a specific status. Only Meetings and Tasks have a status.

  • Use the Campaign filter to display only those activities that are tied to a campaign.

  • Use the Team filter to display activities allocated to a specific team to which you belong.

  • Use the Owner filter to display only your activities or activities that belong to another user (that you have permissions to view).

  • Use the Search box to search for a specific activity by name. This performs an is like search on the name column.

  • Click a column heading to sort data into ascending or descending order. 

More than one filter can be applied at the same time. Filters remain active until you turn them off, so if you apply a filter and move away from screen and then return, the filter will remain. To clear any filter you have applied, select All from the dropdown list.

Learn more about filtering and searching in CRM.

Switch to a calendar view

On the Activities screen, the default view is List but you can change that view to get a different perspective of the activities. After you select a calendar view, Phocas will remember that view for the duration of your browser session.

Click the green List button in the top left corner, then select one of the three Calendar views; Month, Week or Day.

For example, if you select the Month calendar view, the current month displays.

Activity summary and status

For each activity in the selected calendar, the following information displays:

  • Activity name and type, such as phone log, meeting or task.

  • Related account, contact or lead. 

  • Scheduled time and duration.

  • Status (see description of status color codes below).








In Progress



All calendar views share the following action controls:

  • Select an option from the green button to switch between months, weeks and years, or use the date picker with day selected.

  • Use the arrows to go to the previous or next period of time. For example, if you are in Month view, go to the previous month.

  • Click Go To Today to move directly to today's date within the current view.

  • Select whether to include weekends or not in the calendar.


When in Month view, click on a date's number to jump to that date in Day view.

When in Week view, click on a date's header to jump to that date in Day view.

In any view, select List from the green button to return to list view.

Activity details

In any calendar view, click an activity to display a tooltip with information about the activity, a link to the activity's page, a link to the owning entity and a Delete button.

View and edit an activity record

Click on the subject to open, view and edit an existing activity.