View and edit contacts

A contact is someone associated with an account in CRM. A contact cannot exist in isolation - it must be attached to an account.  

View a list of all contacts

Click the Phocas menu button > Contacts.

The Contacts screen displays a list of all the contacts you have permission to view. You can view, edit and delete individual contacts from here. 

To add a new contact, you must have an account open. See Add and delete contacts.

Find a contact

On the Contacts screen, you can find a particular contact using the filter and search options above the grid or by sorting the list.

  • Use the Active filter to switch between viewing active and inactive accounts in the list.  

  • Use the Owner filter to display only your contacts or contacts that belong to another user (that you have permissions to view).

  • Use the Team filter to display contacts allocated to a specific team to which you belong.

  • Use the Search box to search for a specific contact by name. This performs an is like search on the name column.

  • Click a column heading to sort data into ascending or descending order. 

Filters remain active until you turn them off, so if you apply a filter and move away from the screen and then return, the filter will remain. To clear any filter you have applied, select All from the dropdown list. 

Learn more about filtering and searching in CRM.

View or edit a contact

  1. On the Contacts screen, click the contact name (blue link) to open the contact record.

  2. On the campaign record:

    • Contact tab - View and edit the contact details, such as its name, owner and address. The contact owner is the Phocas CRM user responsible for communicating with that contact.

    • Activities tab - View and edit the activities relating to the contact, or delete (remove) activities from the contact. Parent account activities (activities relating directly to the account) do not display here.  See View and edit activities.

  3. Click Save > Close.