Share a dashboard

In addition to the Dashboards user permissions, if you have Collaboration permissions, you can share dashboards directly with other users and/or via shared folders.

You can share a dashboard with other users as long as you are the owner, i.e. you created the dashboard.

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Share a dashboard

You can share a dashboard from three locations in Phocas:

  • From within the dashboard: Open the dashboard and click the Share button in the dashboard toolbar. In the Edit Dashboard window, select the required sharing options (see above), then click Save.

  • From your homepage: Locate the dashboard and click the menu button (on the far right side), then click Share. In the Share Dashboard window, select the required sharing options (see above), then click Save.

  • From the Dashboards page (if you are an administrator): Click the Phocas menu button > Administration > Dashboards. Locate the dashboard and click its Share button (on the far right side). In the Edit Dashboard window, select the required sharing options (see above), then click Save.

This function might not be enabled for your site. Administrators can remove external links via Administration > Dashboards. See User restrictions for more information about how changing restrictions for individual or multiple users affects external links.

As well as sharing dashboard items internally (with other Phocas users), you can share a view-only version of a dashboard externally (with someone who doesn't have a Phocas login). You do this by generating a link which you can then copy and share as required. The view-only version of the dashboard has limited functionality but it is live, so it updates as the underlying data changes. The link doesn't expire, so the recipient of the link can access the dashboard until you manually remove the link.

  1. Follow the process to share a dashboard, then in the Link for External Sharing section, click the Link button to generate the link.

  2. Click the Copy button to copy that link.

  3. Click Save. The link becomes active and you can send it to the person with whom you want to share the information. 

When the recipient opens the link, they will see a view-only version of the dashboard (same language, time zone, and data restrictions as the owner), with notes at the bottom of the screen saying who shared it and when it was last updated. They can focus on data, and hover on the title and period icon to see the description and date range. The Phocas menu is not available.  

If a user with permission to see the data is signed in to Phocas and uses the external link in their browser, they are automatically taken to the full version of the item.

When you open the item, you will see a note containing a link to open and change the sharing settings. Administration users with permission to manage dashboards also see this message.

When the external link is removed, a view-only user who tries to use the link will see a message telling them the item is no longer available. If your user restrictions are changed by an administrator, this might remove some external links you have generated. See the next section below.

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