Manage dashboards

If you have the Manage Dashboards permission, you have additional dashboard functionality.

On your Phocas homepage, two additional options become available in each dashboard’s menu (on the far right side):

  • Edit: Change the name, description, and owner of a dashboard. You might want to transfer the ownership of a dashboard you created, so another user can manage it. This is especially important if you are leaving the business because if your Phoas account is deleted, the dashboards you created will no longer be available to other users.

  • Delete: Delete the dashboard, if you are the owner.


Within any dashboard, additional options become available in the toolbars, allowing you to:

  • Edit a dashboard’s name, description, and owner (via the Share button in the dashboard’s toolbar)

  • Delete a dashboard.

  • Clone a dashboard.

  • Add content to a dashboard.

  • Customize a dashboard’s contents.

Administrators with the Dashboards permission can access the Dashboards page, where they can manage all the dashboards in your organization’s Phocas site.