Search mode

Restrictions applied to data items don't apply in this mode because this mode searches the source data. For example, if there’s a restriction on the Store dimension to prevent users from accessing data for a particular store, the restriction will not apply to other dimensions, such as Product. When you view the product list, you'll see all products from all stores.

You must select a dimension to activate this mode; it is not available in Summary view.

Search mode allows you view and search master lists of data, such as customer or product master list. Search mode displays all the active properties for a selected dimension, independent of periods. As no period information is taken into account, Search mode is useful for finding data that might sit outside your current time period.

Search mode does not display any transaction information. Measures, streams, format and filter buttons are unavailable in Search mode.

The following example uses Search mode in the Purchasing database to locate a specific product (2-metre mains lead) purchased outside the standard YTD period.

  1. Click the Product dimension.

  2. Click Mode > Search. The grid displays columns for the active properties (such as Code and Name) for the product dimension. As no period is applied, all products (past and current) in the purchasing master list display in the grid.

  3. Type lead in the Search box and press Enter.

  4. Select the correct lead from the list that displays and click the Focus button. The product would not have been found if we had searched in the current YTD period. Selections and search information is displayed in the status bar.