Period Variance mode

You must select a dimension to activate this mode; it is not available in Summary view.

Period Variance mode allows you to compare time units within current and previous periods side-by-side, for example, months of this year vs. months of last year. It is effectively a combination of Period mode and Variance mode.

The following example uses Period Variance mode in the Sales database to analyze a customer's spending for the current month, compared with the previous month. You want to view the sales figures and the variance as a percentage.

  1. Click the Customer dimension, select the customer (Intercast Ltd), then click the Focus button. The grid displays columns for the active properties (such as Code and Name) for that dimension, a Total column, and a column for each time unit in the current period.

  2. Click Period > Current month

  3. Click Mode > Period Variance. The grid updates to display a double-height header. The upper header displays the periods, the lower headers display current, previous, variance and % variance for each period.

Only one measure can be used in period variance mode