Period Stream mode

Period Stream mode is only available when streams exist for the database and dimension you have selected. 
Period Stream mode is not always enabled. It can enabled by an advanced administrator with permission.

You must select a dimension to activate this mode; it is not available in Summary view.

Period Stream mode allows you to compare two streams of data (datasets) side-by-side, such as your sales vs. budget, for selected date ranges. It is like a combination of Period mode and Stream mode. It displays selected current and 'previous; results, along with Variance and percentage variance columns.

Example - Use Period Stream mode

The following example uses Period Stream mode in the Sales database to compare sales with orders for the last three months, for a selection of customers.

  1. Click the Customer dimension, select the customers, then click the Focus button. The grid displays columns for the active properties (such as Code and Name) for that dimension, a Total column, and a column for each time unit in the current period.

  2. Click Period > Last 3 months

  3. Click Mode > Period Stream. The Variance Stream menu becomes available on the right of the Stream menu.

  4. Click Variance Stream > Orders. The grid updates to display the sales and orders data, both as total and for each of the last three months. It also displays the variance between them (as an amount and percentage).


Only one measure can be used in Period Stream mode

Note about Custom mode columns in Period Stream mode

When you are in Period Stream mode, the column headings in the Custom Mode window show the 'grouping' title first, followed by the individual column title, separated by a 'pipe' character (such as 'Total|Sales' in the image below). If you are changing the title for the grouping, you need to change it for all the columns that are in that group.

How these columns display in the grid: