Customize your statement view

You can use the statement view options to change the layout and the contents of a statement, so you can you determine what displays on a financial statement and clearly see the information that you need.

When you set up a view of a particular financial statement type, if you switch to another statement of the same type, the view is applied to that statement too. This gives you a dynamic, flexible way to view your financial data. For example, your organization might have multiple versions of the Profit and Loss statement.

You can change the following items in the grid:

  • Properties - the information about dimensions, such as account code and name, that displays in the first column of the grid.

  • Measures - the way in which the numbers in the grid display. For example, you might want to see a dollar symbol before the values.

  • Periods and dimensions (branches, departments, countries and so on) for comparison purposes:

  • Current dataset - the data that displays in the Current column.

  • Budgets and forecasts - the data that displays in the Budget columns.

  • Style - the way the data looks, such as bold calculations and red negative values.

You can save any view as a favorite, to save you time when you access it later.