Moving mode

Moving mode is similar to Period mode, except that each month typically has the previous 11 months added to it, creating a moving, annual total view. 

Moving mode in Summary view

In Summary view, the grid in Moving mode displays the same columns as Period mode, however, the data that displays is different. One exception is the data in the cumulative columns, which is not shown as moving, so it is the same as it is in Period mode.

For example, in the images below, where Period mode displays the January 2023 current value as 8,762,679.93, Moving mode displays it as 77,158,052.24, which is the current cumulative sum of March 2022 to January 2023 (68,865,975.52) plus the February 2022 value (8,292,076.72). 

Moving mode in a filtered view

When you select a dimension, the grid displays columns for the active properties (such as Code and Name) for that dimension, a Total column, and a column for each month (plus the previous 11 months) in the current period.

Example of Moving mode

Use Moving mode to view the Sales Rep performance from a moving, annual total perspective:

  1. Click Mode > Moving.

  2. Click the Sales Rep dimension. The grid updates to display the moving total of sales generated by each Sales Rep, each month. Each month has the previous 11 months added to give a moving annual total.