Export a workbook or worksheet tab

If you have permission, you can export a budget or forecast workbook or tab as an XLSX file (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet). Each tab is exported in a format similar to how you view it on the screen. However, the Workflow column is omitted, and if formulas are used to calculate values, the formulas are also omitted (only the values are displayed).


There are different ways to export a workbook or tab. Select the method that best suits your needs.

Method 1: Standard export process

This method allows you to write the name of the export file and determine which tabs are included in the export. By default, all the worksheet tabs are included.

  1. Select one of these options:

    • Click the Export button in the top right corner of the workbook.

    • Click the Budget menu > Export to Excel.

  2. Edit the default export name, if required.

  3. Determine the worksheet tabs that are included in the export:

    • By default, most tabs are included in the export. If you only want to export one or more specific tabs, click the Tabs button then clear the checkboxes of the tabs you do NOT want.

    • If you are a headcount owner or administrator, you have the option to include the data from the Headcount (Input) tab. This option is not selected by default, so if you want this data, click the Tabs button and select the Headcount (Input) checkbox.

  4. Click Export. The file downloads to your computer and displays on the bottom of the screen.

  5. Click the file to open it in Microsoft Excel.

Method 2: Quick export

This method allows you to quickly export a whole workbook or a specific tab, bypassing the standard export process. The name of the export file is automatically generated, based on the name of the workbook and/or tab, as applicable.

To quickly export the whole workbook, open the Main tab, then either click the Tab menu or right-click the tab name, then click Export workbook to Excel.

To quickly export a specific tab, either click the Tab menu (when the relevant tab is open) or right-click the tab name, then click Export tab to Excel.

Method 3: Export via the publishing process

Publish the worksheet using the Export to Excel method if you want an unformatted version of the data in a worksheet tab that is suitable for importing into other applications.