Phocas 8.1.8 release notes


Phocas 8.1.8, released 18 October 2021


Release highlights

Subscribe to dashboards

You can now subscribe to dashboards and receive the latest updates straight to your inbox, ensuring that you are always up-to-date. From the dashboard screen, select Subscribe from the action menu and configure the frequency that you want updates to be provided and what time you want them to be sent.

In order to use the new dashboard subscription functionality, users will need to have the Subscribe and Manage Subscription permissions, which are located on the Dashboards section of the Users > Profile tab.



Choose total method in custom mode

Previously, the Total row on the grid would always display a calculated total of the column values. We have now added the ability to configure the way the Total row is calculated per column, when in Custom mode.

Home Page improvements

We have made a number of user interface improvements to the new Home Page in order to better support smaller screen sizes and improve performance.

Financial Statements

Add headings to your statements

This release brings the ability to add headings to your financial statements via the Statements customization window.

Headings provide a simple and effective way to organize your statements.

Prior Previous column

You can now analyze historical trends more meaningfully by adding data from the prior previous year to your financial statements. Simply select Prior Previous from the Columns dropdown to include data from the year prior to the previous year.

Display variances with each column

You can now choose how variances are displayed on your financial statements by selecting one of the following options from the Columns dropdown:

  • Together - variances are displayed together, on the far right of the statement (this is the previous behavior)

  • With each column - variances are displayed alongside their respective columns, allowing you to evaluate previous figures and variance more easily.

  • Off - turns off the variance columns, removing them from the financial statement while this option is selected.

Renamed and reorganized ‘Statements’ dropdown

Meet the new and improved Statements dropdown (formally known as Mode). We have reorganized the statements list so that where multiple Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet or Cash Flow statements exist, they are now grouped together in alphabetical order, for ease of access.

Visualise data using the Trend widget

In keeping with our push towards improved visualisation we have added the Trend widget, which provides a powerful way to visualise trends in data over time.

The Trend widget is available for any financial statement which has the Columns > Include periods option selected, and is accessed by right-clicking on any row in your statement and selecting Visualise.

Data displayed in the Trend widget reflects the configuration of your financial statement. Streams can be included or excluded as required and included streams can be presented as bars, a line or floating markers.

Hovering over a plot value in the Trend widget will display the variance, while individual streams can also be toggled on and off by clicking on that stream in the legend at the top of the widget.

Any feedback you might have on the Trend widget is welcomed and can be sent directly to the development team via the Feedback button.

Try the Column Builder prototype

The Column Builder is an upcoming feature that will bring the power of custom mode to Financial Statements. By allowing you to add, move and edit columns, the Column Builder will make it possible to easily construct customized statement views with columns based on different period ranges.

Our Column Builder prototype is now available for all users who have the permissions required to edit financial statements. Currently, users will be able to add new columns to the prototype statement in the Column Builder, move columns or delete them. As this is a prototype, users are currently unable to save or apply the statement views that they construct.

You can access the Column Builder prototype from the action menu.


Feedback and suggestions for further improving the Column Builder before release are encouraged and can be submitted directly to the development team via the Feedback button.

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