Budgets & Forecasts

Phocas Budgets & Forecasts, available for Phocas Cloud customers, enables you to build budgets collaboratively based on your financial reports and other data. You can then save your budgets as forecasts to refine your projections as time progresses. Your published budgets and forecasts can be viewed in the Financial Statements and Analytics modules, where they can guide your organization’s decision-making and planning.

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Learn about the types of users and take a tour of the homepage and workbooks.

Learn about the Workflow feature that controls how users contribute to the budget process.

Set up a worksheet to suit your needs; change the data you see and how it’s laid out.

Get to work! Complete your assigned workflow tasks by editing the data in the worksheets.

Create the workbooks and manage the workflow, then publish the completed budgets and forecasts.

Use tools, such as the audit log and workflow history, to understand who did what and why.

Keep up with the latest changes. Read the Budgets & Forecasts release notes.

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