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When you delete a user, you permanently remove their user account from Phocas. This action also removes any content the user owns, such as favorites they saved and dashboards they created. If this content is shared with other users, deleting the user might have negative consequences for your business, as you will lose access to content you actively use. Deleting a user also removes any CRM accounts that the user created. Such accounts cannot be reassigned after you delete the user, so you must reassign them before you delete the user account.

The best way to remove a user but retain the content they created is toremove their license. This removes the user’s ability to sign in to Phocas. As a result, all of the user’s content will no longer have an owner. You can then assign that content to another user (owner) so that it is retained when you delete the user. If applicable, you should also reassign any CRM accounts created by the user to other users. You can then delete the user account from your Phcoas Phocas site.

Remove a user’s license

  1. Click Administration > Users to open the Users screen, then click the green Users button and select License

  2. In the Licence view, select the blank option from the dropdown list to remove their Phocas license.

  3. Proceed to reassign the user’s content ownership.

Lock the user account (optional)

For peace of mind, in addition to removing the user’s license, you might want to lock their user account.

Reassign a user’s content ownership

After removing the user’s license, you can assign a new owner to that user’s favorites and dashboards.

  1. Click Administration > Dashboards or Favorites, as required.

  2. Select the user (from whom you have just removed the license) from the Owner filter above the grid. The grid updates to display only the content that user owns.

  3. Select a favorite/dashboard row and click Share, then select a new owner and click Save.

  4. Repeat the above steps to assign a new owner to the user’s other favorites and dashboards.

  5. Proceed to unmap CRM accounts, if required, then delete the user account.

Ressaign the user’s CRM accounts

Assign a new owner to the user’s CRM accounts, if applicable. You do this on the Account tab of each individual account record. See View and edit accounts.

Delete a user account

Click Administration > Users to open the Users screen, select the user row and click Delete.

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